More about Indie Authors

For those of you who don’t know, I’m an indie author.  I AM INDIE LogoThat means I publish my own books, and my success is directly tied to the enthusiasm my readers have for my stories.  Readers are my angels.  If you’re a reader and you like my books, please, spread the word!  Tell your friends, co-workers, family, neighbors, … well, you get the picture.  Without you helping me find new readers, I cannot continue to do what I think I do best, which is telling stories for a living.

The popularity of the Kindle and ebooks, and of course the platforms provided by, Barnes &, iTunes, Kobo, and others, have made it possible for thousands of authors like me who want more control over their destinies to connect with readers in a much more personal and direct way through self-publishing.  This used to be only for authors who were rejected by mainstream publishers – but not anymore! Today you will find not only many highly successful indie authors (several now on the NYT Best Seller and USA Today Best Seller lists), but also many traditionally published authors launching new projects as self-published ebooks or buying back rights to old titles and re-publishing.

The only drawback to being an indie author is that you end up having to do a lot of the grunt work of book publishing yourself.  Now, when I say ‘grunt work’ I don’t mean that it’s unpleasant – just that it’s something a big publishing company pays other people to do.  Some of these things include:

  • Book cover design and layout
  • Promotion and Marketing
  • Proofreading and Editing services

Luckily, these are things I love doing or working with professional providers to get done, so indie publishing works very well for me.  That being said, I have sold the Brazilian Portuguese translation rights to my War of the Fae series to Brazilian publisher Geracao Editorial, and there will be other traditional deals for me in the future, I’m sure!  The beauty of book publishing today is that authors have a choice and now readers are the curators of good books, not just publishers or agents.

Many readers have contacted me about how to start the ball rolling with their own publishing ventures.  I plan to write a how-to guide one of these days, but in the meantime, I recommend this forum for a lot of great insight and guidance.  I recommend that you lurk for a while first, get to know the people and the posting rules, and then join the fun!

For anyone interested in purchasing the rights to any of my work or discussing business opportunities, I can be reached directly via the contact form on this website.  I answer all emails within 24 hours, but usually sooner.