This is a 4-book YA Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction series.

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Published March 30, 2013.

Published March 30, 2013.

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  1. Dalya Moon says:


  2. Patricia Carnes says:

    Just finished the 1st book. I loved it and am very anxious to read the next book. I hope there’s more talk of “doodle”. I laughed so hard I cried at the scene between Bodo, Bryn, and Peter talking about doodle. Poor Bodo…

    • Elle says:

      I smile just thinking about it. :) Thanks for coming by to share. If you can, leave me a review on Amazon! xoxo Elle

  3. Victor Muron says:

    I just finnished Apocalypsis 1 it was great reading on my Kindle. I downloaded it from and love it plan on getting book 2 next. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hannah says:

    I got the first book in the series on Saturday and I absolutely loved it. All of the characters are great, but especially love Bodo! It’s Tuesday now and I’ve finished the second and third books and I just can’t wait for the next.

    • Elle says:

      Hannah, I’m thrilled! Yay! I love when the Amazon promotions help me find new readers. Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know what you think about my work. I hope you have time to leave reviews for the books on Amazon. :) xoxo Elle

  5. Trista says:

    This series is AMAZING.
    Like Hannah, I also got the first book free on amazon and LOVED it. So i purchased the rest.

    I finished all three of them today and I cant wait for the fourth one!

    You are doing a GREAT job Elle! Your series had me laughing out loud on trains and cry alone my room reading it.

    Please let us fans know when you set an exact date to release the fourth and final volume.
    I am definitely setting up a reminder on my phone to purchase it as soon as it comes out.

    Again, great work you have going here.

    • Elle says:

      So, so glad you feel this way! I totally get the crying on the train thing. I’ve done that so many times with other books, so it’s very flattering to think of someone doing that with mine. :) Thanks for stopping by. xoxo Elle

  6. Emily says:

    Absolutely amazing. Pure genius! You, like you should already know, have a gift! Im reading the third installment in this series and I’m going to start some of your other series. I love it! Thank you so much for sharing this gift with the world. Release the fourth book ASAP!!!!!! Love your work!

    - Emily

  7. Emily says:

    Hi Elle! I don’t know if any of my comments posted from my kindle and I wanted to make sure that you got them… I recently have finished the Apocalypsis series and to say the least: I am in love. I borrowed the first book from my kindle for free. I have to say, the cover didn’t really catch my eye and I have, to be honest, no idea how I stumbled upon your fantastic work. After about five pages of reading about Bryn, I was hooked. I think everyone around me got annoyed about how unresponsive I’ve been for the last four days. If I wasn’t at school, I was reading. If I wasn’t reading the books on my kindle, I had them on my phone. I could not put these down. I want to pre-order the fourth book as soon as it is available on amazon. You have an amazing talent that I wish was seen by more people. The website I listed is for my writing. I’m an aspiring author! The website,, is always looking for published authors to host contests, and join the site. I think it would be a great idea for you to get your name our there. I know you have fans but you can never have too many! It was just a thought! I also own a poodle so Buster might be one of my favorite characters…besides Bodo of course! And, Peter’s OCD gets me every time. I just love it. Your thoughts are so original, your characters unique, and your pink fuzzy poodle quite entertaining. I just love your work!!! Thank you for your time!


    • Elle says:

      Emily, your comment was in the spam folder so it took a bit for me to find it. Plus my comments are all moderated, so they don’t show up until I approve them and I was away from home on a looooooong walk. Thank you so much for your sweet words. I’ll have to check figment out. You are absolutely right – I can never have enough fans. I’m always looking for new readers, and I’m super glad you found me out there! xoxo Elle

  8. Brandi says:

    You do not know how anxiously I am waiting for Haven to come out.. This has got to be my favorite of all your series… and maybe with a little poking a prodding we can see it on screen, even as a mini series or something… I just want more and more of this series. You are one of the most gifted people, I have come across. Thank you for your devotion to entertain us with your writing…

  9. KAW says:

    My sister Kathi Wallace who is also a writer recommended your book series Apocalypsis to me two days ago. I have read all three books already and am more than ready for the fourth. (ahem, ready now, LOL). Your writing is original and mesmerizing. Thank you for providing no truer escapism that is found in an excellent and rare well-written book.

    • Elle says:

      That’s so nice to know! Thank you so much. Book 4 coming soon. ;) And I agree … there’s nothing better than losing oneself in a different world for a little while.

  10. Linda L. Dyer says:

    Got the first book free on Amazon. Read it. Immediately bought the second book yesterday. Read it. Just bought the third book today. Fixing to start it. Hooked, is all I can say. I RARELY purchase books because there are so many free ones to choose from. But these are well worth the purchase. Can’t wait for the fourth book to come out.

  11. mareymercy says:

    I’m 43 years old and I love your books. The female leads are strong and admirable and just plain fun, and the books are such a wonderful escape. Keep writing; I love everything I’ve read so far (The War of The Fae books and Apocalypsis series).

    • Elle says:

      Yay! Awesome. I love hearing this. I’m a kick-butt female heroine fan myself, so I can’t imagine writing anything different. :) xoxo Elle

  12. Dawn huntoon says:

    I was a fluke I came across your first book on the Apocalypsis series. I really loved the first one and ended up reading the rest in the next couple of days, not able to put it down.It was a bummer that Christmas was in the mix of it all.I caught myself trying to break free and read.I have to say that these books had the same effect on me as the twilight series did. If you ask any of my customers who come to my salon,they will tell u that I love to share my great finds.This, my friend will be a best seller in my salon cuz I’m going to tell everyone about it. I only have one request… Please don’t let this series end.

    • Elle says:

      Wow and double wow. Thank you so much!!! Twilight was a biggie for me, so I know what a compliment that is. Thank you SO MUCH for spreading the word about my work. It means everything to me! xoxo Elle

  13. Heather Sowalla says:

    Cannot wait for book 4! I am addicted! :D

  14. KetsyBaby says:

    Ms. Casey,

    I just have to say how much I have enjoyed the Apocalypsis series books 1-3. I anxiously await Haven.

    I am always on the lookout for books to share with my 15 year old niece, and these would be perfect. Unfortunately, I am unable to purchase them in a hard copy form for her in Canada. I bought my copies for my Kindle, which is never far from hand. Is there any way to order copies of the books or obtain them in non-Kindle form for her?

    I love that these books deal with real issues, in a world created by an author. Through them we can discuss things like bioengineering, death, human nature, violence, common decency, inner strength, and never to underestimate anyone. You illustrate these concepts, and so many others, brilliantly. My little “family” book club is grateful to have books like these to share and discuss, ones both a teenager in high school and her aunt, a Masters Degree student, can both appreciate and analyze.

    With sincere gratitude and awe,

    • Elle says:

      I thrilled to know you feel this way. I love love love that my books can spark these kinds of conversations with teens and adults. It’s mind blowing to me, really. I’m not sure though why you can’t buy them in paperback in Canada. What’s that all about? I’ll help however I can.

  15. Samantha says:

    I downloaded the first book when it was free online. I couldn’t help but download both of the next books after getting a gift card for Christmas. I love this series. It’s scary, heart warming, loving, and every other emotion out there. You start to feel the characters like you are battling along with them, wouldn’t that be awesome?! I’d love to have Bryn, bodo, and peter as a friend. Even ole smelly buster. you cry, you laugh, wait in pure shock to see what happens. I can’t wait to see what the new book haven has in store for us, I wish it came out sooner!

    • Elle says:

      I’m so happy you’re happy!! And you spent your Christmas money on my work, which is a HUGE compliment, so thank you. I hope you can find time to review the books on Amazon and Goodreads. Help others find me if you can! :) xoxo Elle

  16. Cari says:

    I am curious to hear why you changed the cover on Apocalypsis book 1. I did think the original picture had a strange expression on her face and eye shadow did not match the character of book. The new one does seem to fit the story better. I Loved all 3 books in this series and I am counting the days until I can buy book 4! Thank you for the great story!!

    • Elle says:

      I need to do a post on this! Essentially, I read several comments from readers that they passed it by several times because they found the cover creepy. I don’t like to hear about readers passing my books by! :)

  17. Rosemary Montgomery says:

    Wow, what more can I say :) I read books 1,2 and 3 in four days and am now eagerly waiting for book 4. I suppose I can catch up on the chores that were neglected while reading ….. but I would much rather be spending time with the young people in Haven lol

    Shared this with my friends and family on Facebook too :)

    • Elle says:

      Oh, I’m so happy to know this! Thanks so much for stopping by and telling me. That’s the only way people find out about my stuff really, word of mouth. I really appreciate you spreading my work around like that. xoxo Elle

  18. Nikki says:

    Since I read your books so quickly, I am going to wait until March to start this series.

  19. marlys pugh says:

    I’ve read all three of the apocolypse books and really enjoyed them.although i’m not what you would call a young adult,( over 60 ) i’m now waiting for Haven to come out.
    thank you for all your books.

  20. Mittie says:

    I loved reading your books. I am eagerly awaiting book 4.

  21. Suzanne says:

    I’ve read & loved all of your other books, but I tried to hold out till March to read this series so I could read all of them at one time… Unfortunately they presented to great a temptation and I read books 1-3 last weekend… Please tell me Haven comes out on March 1st! I’m going through withdrawals! I need to know what happens next! :-)

  22. mittie grayson says:

    I love your written pool of adventure that I can immerse myself in and float calmly on the surface or sink into the depths of the story. I read and excerpt and was immediately lured into Bryn’s world. I am eagerly awaiting Haven but I may do a reread just so that my view is fresh. Thank you so much.

  23. Kristen says:

    Its March! We need to know what happens! Pleeease!

  24. CP Davis says:

    Just finished all the books and I really enjoyed the story and the humor you have added. Waiting on the next one Haven and I have gave these books great reviews. Just to let you know I am 58 years old and really enjoyed these books so far. I will have to start on other book you have published.
    thanks for the good reads,
    Cindy P. Davis

  25. Suzanne says:

    Just finished “Haven” & It was worth the wait! But I’m sad the story is finished. I’m going to have to read it again soon. :-)

  26. SC says:

    I am almost finished with Haven and I am truly hoping the series goes on. I am so in love with Bodo and everyone in the book. What an amazing story. You are so very talented and prayers you are blessed above and beyond with all your books. Thank you for writing these and I truly hope the story for Haven continues :)

  27. SC says:

    Elle, I think your books on this series are amazing but I have to say I just almost finished Haven and could not even bare to finish it. Bodo went so away from his character and it completely crushed me. I won’t be able to read the series again as he was such an integral part of it…and every time I read any of his parts…I will just think bad things. It truly did not seem like who he was throughout the whole series. I really wish there was an alternate ending with Bodo being who he seemed to be. I am not saying exactly what happened so as not to spoil it for others….but it was just so incredibly heart breaking after everything to see him go so away from his character.

    I would love to see an alternate ending with him in it so I can read the series again,lol. I just can’t if he turns out to be a &%&%$^!! It just ruined it for me. I like my happy endings. I wish there were more books so we could find out how it’s going in their world. I truly don’t think the “other guy” in the book is great for her..he seems like a watered down Bodo. Truly wish it ended different. This series was amazing, just wish I could read it again but I will just see if there is any fan fiction out there with an ending with him in it. It totally crushed me.

    Besides that part, the books were great and much success to you!

    • Elle says:

      You really should finish it! I’m sorry it didn’t go the way you wanted it to, but so many readers have agreed that the ending was good. I hope you’ll give it a chance. If I do the offshoot series I’m thinking about, there will be more Bodo there, and he will find happiness, I promise. :) xoxo Elle

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