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  1. Iqra says:

    Is Edwards story out yet??

  2. Heidi Thomason says:

    Well Elle, after your suggestion a few months ago about reading the Apolypsis series, I have broken down and started in! And even though I am not a fan of apocalypse stories, I am thoroughly enjoying them so far. I still miss Tim the Pixieman and his little comebacks and farts, but as usual, your writing is fantastic and I love it! Oh, and btw, th MacKenzie follow up from”Sine not Burn” was PERFECT. And “Wrecked” & “Restless” were wonderful as well. I do enjoy the more mature books for the simple reason that I feel a tiny bit like I’m reading material meant for a younger audience, but they are SO enjoyable I just don’t care lol.

    My poor husband gets woken up by my laughter shaking the bed, and “Desperate Measures” was awesome, looking forward to reading everything you put out. AND, I’ve been faithfully reviewing everything on Amazon. 5 stars for you girl, I’m spreading the word to my GFs.

    One more thing, I don’t know if you have time to read for pleasure, but there’s another writer from BC that reminds me of you, Meagan Ciana Doidge’s “Dowser Series”. Really funny with a kick ass, take no prisoners leading lady. Must be something about the air up there churning out great writers!

    • Elle says:

      Oh, this is awesome! I love reading this. Talk about motivating! :) Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know. I’m glad you’re reading all my stuff, even the books you might normally pass up. And I really, REALLY appreciate the reviews. They are a pain to leave, but so important for other readers to find me. I’ll have to check out that other author you mentioned. I’m about to take a very long plane ride. :(

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